At DUOCOR Ipari Bt. we do not only respond to the challenges of a continuously changing market, but support and enrich community and environment.

Bearing this mind, our company has based its business policy and activities on fair market competition and responsibility for society.

Environmental protection


Only environmentally friendly technologies and materials are used during production processes


Responsibility for employees


DUOCOR puts great emphasis on providing a healthy, safe and humane workplace for its employees.
We give support to all those workers who – while fulfilling their everyday tasks – wish to advance their careers by expanding their knowledge and competence.
We provide support to those in need with a wide range of social benefits.
Promoting self provision is of vital importance for DUOCOR, so the company assists saving for health or pension accounts through its cafeteria system.
In order to help preserving their health and maintaining a wholesome lifestyle, DUOCOR supports its employees’ sports activities.


Helping disadvantaged people


In order to facilitate the employment of people with disadvantages on the labour market, DUOCOR has framed its Equality Plan, and its Equality Coordinator is responsible for putting the Plan’s objects and targets into practice.




DUOCOR financially supports several sports clubs (football, chess, handball) to express its commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
Understanding our social responsibility, we have signed a Contract of Support with a foundation for the education and training of disabled children.
By supporting the Public Foundation for the Development of Mako, DUOCOR wishes to help the continuous progress of the town where it is based and where most of its employees live.
DUOCOR is among the founders of “Galamb Jozsef Public Company for Talented Students”, believing in the utmost importance of high-quality education of skilled workmen.


Recognizing the increasingly critical condition of our Earth, climate change, and the depletion of resources, we will apply these guidelines even more consciously to DUOCOR products.

Environmental awareness, optimal management of our environmental resources, maintenance and development of current resources and values are extremely important to DUOCOR.

To this end, our colleagues participated in a course where they were informed and educated how to take these aspects into account when designing our products and, of course, throughout our production.